Wednesday, July 10, 2013

happy 4th of july!

Our 4th of July was pretty low key this year. With it falling in the middle of the week and Ryan having to work the following day (and me that evening) we couldn't really leave town. So, we made the most of it right here in Pittsburgh!

We decided to check out the Three Rivers Regatta, which is an annual event here in town. We got down there early (before some of the vendors were even set up!), which was probably a good idea. It was already 80+ degrees with serious humidity, so we didn't spend a ton of time down there. None of us are a fan of the heat..we are A/C people ;) We went down the the Point Park fountain, and Audrey loved it. She even threw a public fit (see photo below) because we wouldn't let her play in the dirty fountain water! She enjoyed running around the grassy area, saying "hi!" to everyone and even stealing goldfish crackers from strangers.

Holidays are always a good opportunity to sneak in some family photos. We are usually dressed somewhat appropriately (ha!) and we don't get photos together very often (read: I rarely get photos with my daughter because I am always the one behind the camera). Of course we didn't get any of the three of us, you know, together, but what can you do? Handing your camera to a stranger often ends in an unfocused, blurry disaster. And, I may or may not be a serious critic when it comes to photo composition :p

After we got tired of the Regatta, we decided to go to the PPG Place fountain to let her run around and cool off. I wasn't sure if she'd even like it since we've taken her to the spray park once this year and she was less than impressed. Wrong. She LOVED it! She was running in and out of the streams and got braver by the minute. Every time the streams would disappear she would say "Oh no!" There is nothing better in this world than watching the world through a child's eyes, experiencing things as they do, for the first time. No words.

After the fountain adventure, it was nearing lunch time and we were all getting hungry. We decided to walk through Market Square and grab some lunch. We had a few open choices, and decided to get Moe's. Because really, whats more American on the 4th of July than Mexican food? Audrey was hungry and devoured almost her entire quesadilla! Guess it was all that energy she burned off in the fountain ;) We finished eating and went home for nap time.

Later than evening, I had to work so Ryan took Audrey up to Mt. Washington to see the fireworks. Despite it being past her bedtime, she loved them! I wasn't there to see it (sadly) but he took video. She was clapping during the booms and generally enjoying them :)

We hope everyone else had a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday!!


  1. I love that you let her go into the fountain! You always get the most amazing pictures of water fun... I'm not sure how you do it, but I want a lesson soon!

  2. I love the photos of Audrey in the fountain!! SOO cute! That was one of my favorite places to take Talon when we lived in Pittsburgh.