Friday, July 12, 2013

17 months old & a trip to round hill farm

First off, my baby girl is 17 months old today. Um, where has the time gone? No, I mean really. Seems like just a few months ago I was still writing monthly updates leading up to her 1st birthday, and here we are, a mere month away from her being a year and a half. She's most certainly not a baby anymore, but a full blown toddler. And every day she does something else to remind me of this, whether its something she does or says, or even a face she makes. Time really ought to slow down, its just not fair! Here she is from this morning, looking all big girl like.

Some of my friends and I had been talking about how we wanted to check out Round Hill Park at some point this summer. We had decided to go Wednesday morning, but of course, it rained the majority of this week, so those plans were postponed. Today, the weather looked pretty clear (cloudy, but clear) and so today was the day!

I had never been there before, but heard great things and best of all, everything was FREE. It was very cute! When you first enter the park there is a big pond full of ducks you can feed bread. Of course, Audrey wanted nothing to do with that and just wanted to explore. They also have a little farm area where you can walk around and see the animals. A lot of the animals were missing (horses? sheep?) but there were still pigs and chickens!

The pathways with the trees, fences and barns make it such a pretty place! I smell a good photography location in the future ;) I imagine its very pretty in the fall and I know we'll be making more trips in the future!

Once the kids were done looking at the animals, we headed over to the spray park area. There was a summer camp group (or two..maybe even 3) there, because it was PACKED. We still had fun though. The day was slightly cooler and the water was cold, so Audrey was a little more hesitant to full submerge herself in the streams. She had just as much fun observing everyone else! She did get a little brave though and got a little wet :)

I can always tell at the end of a play date if it was fun and Audrey-approved by whether or not she falls asleep almost immediately..and today? She was out within 5 minutes ;) I'd call that a success!

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