Sunday, July 21, 2013

beating the heat!

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These past few days here have been awful, weather wise. Complete scorchers between the 95 degree temperatures and humidity...plain awful! As if you couldn't tell already, I am not a fan of the heat. I never have been. Fall is where its at just a couple short months away! Meanwhile, my husband seems to think he's going to get me to move to Florida, with similar weather, but basically year round...but that's a story for another time.

To beat the heat, we've been trying to do activities to keep cool. We have central air in our home, and in all honesty, I'd be completely okay with hunkering down and hibernating in our cool house all week...but, with an antsy toddler, that's just not possible!

Early on in the week we ventured out to the local Cinemark to catch a $1 movie with my friend Heather and her munchkins. Happy Feet was playing, and it was perfect because Audrey totally prefers 3D animation movies over 2D (who doesn't?). It was also her first movie experience, so I wasn't even sure what to expect. Surprisingly, she did pretty well! She sat on my lap for about 20 minutes and actually watched the movie. It probably helped that she had popcorn to munch on and distract her, but hey. She started getting wiggly, so I put her in the seat next to me, and she really seemed to enjoy that and being a "big girl" She did start to get antsy and started walking up and down the row (which, luckily, was empty) but she was quiet. Eventually, we decided to pack up and let the kids run off some energy at the mall play area (also air conditioned!)

We hit up the Troy Hill Spray Park this week too. I wore a sun dress in anticipation of the hot weather, and I was STILL dying. I didn't wear my swimsuit, which I wish I had. But, Audrey had fun. She wasn't all too interested in playing IN the water, but she had fun running around and trying to be one of the big kids :p

And finally on Friday, we decided to check out a different pool in the area. I packed a bag with pool supplies, lunch, snacks & drinks and off we went! This time, we went to the Robinson pool. It was heated, which is nice, but the kiddie pool was not what I was looking for. The steps were shallow, but beyond that, the rest was 2.5 feet, which is obviously too deep for Audrey. She likes to be independent and walk around/splash around by herself. They do have a cute little water table area, which she seemed to enjoy. We'll continue checking out other pools in the area, but so far the winner is still the Cranberry pool & Waterpark!

I'm not sure what the weather forecast holds for next week hopefully much cooler, but if its anything like this past week, you'll be finding us in the water or air conditioning somewhere!

What fun things do you do to beat the heat??

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