Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I went home to Erie this past weekend, and had a pretty good time! It was also a successful trip because Mom and I got a few things done for the wedding. My bridal shower is coming up very quickly here, so we had to finish up addressing all of the invites (I had already filled them out throughout the week -- all 70, ouch!!) to get them in the mail. We also accomplished picking up some of the table decor for the reception, bought my wedding invitations and ordered stuff for the shower favors. With just 87 days until the "big day" -- things are moving quickly!!

Aside from the wedding stuff, I saved some one-on-one time with my nephew, Joe :) I rarely get to just take him out, just him and I. So, I told my sister ahead of time that I was going to take him out for a few hours. We headed out early on Saturday with our destination being Waldameer. Upon arrival, I discovered that the park did not open until 1pm. It was just turning 10am. Awesome. So, I made the quick decision to head up to the mall to check out the pet store, then go from there. As soon as we got there, Joe spotted the section of ride on toys in the middle of the mall, so of course he had to climb all over them! Aunt Katie was out of quarters, which was just as well because Joe didn't care. He had a blast either way! We also hit up "Build-A-Bear", which we thought he might be a little too young for -- but he proved us wrong! He was awesome there, and had a good time "creating" his teddy bear he picked out. Which, by the way, he named "Gene"

The rest of the weekend was spent with the family, between doing more wedding things and just hanging out. I never got to make it down to the Peninsula, which is a shame because its absolutely one of my favorite places to be during the summer <3

Sunday, July 4, 2010

courtesy of the red, white and blue :)

It's very hard to believe that its July already. This summer is truly speeding by, which is not really a good thing considering I have a wedding to finish planning. I mean, I have the big things done, but its the little touches that will drive me crazy!

Elisa and I went out shopping today. She was in search of a dress to wear to a wedding, and I wanted to scope out bridal shower invites. My mom has been looking in Erie, but anytime she found one she liked, there weren't enough packs in stock. So, I took it upon myself to utilize some more resources and check out Pittsburgh's supply. I ended up finding invites I liked, so I grabbed enough packs for 70 invites (yes, we know a lot of people!). Next weekend, my mom and I plan to get them addressed and sent in the mail, seeing as my shower is a little over a month away.

Ryan and I decided to go to a Pirates game tonight. It ended up being fireworks night too, which was a pleasant bonus :) The game itself was fun, albeit the Pirates lost by like 10 runs -- not that it was a big surprise! But the fireworks display was fantastic! Zambelli always does a wonderful job at it. Ryan was super impressed with it. lol.

I tried to get some good shots, but fireworks are next to impossible to capture in true form, and I didn't have my d-SLR camera with me. Hopefully we'll catch another display tomorrow night and I can try to get some good pictures!

When I got home this evening, I began organizing my closet. The other day I picked up a 30-gallon tub from Walmart to start packing up some of my clothes to take to the house. I decided to pack up all of my sweaters and heavier clothing since I won't be needing them until after October (although in Northern PA, who knows!), when I officially move into our home. My closet has much more space now, which is nice! I actually have a bunch of extra hangers too, which is also a plus. Normally, I'm scrambling to find hangers after I do laundry! Either way, I'm excited to start organizing our walk-in closet. Ryan is already living in the house and has started to take over the closet, so I need step in and regulate ;p

Before I go, here's a quick snap of my big boy, Jack. He says, Happy 4th of July, ya'll!!