Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's a...

Last week, we had our 18 week anatomy scan ultrasound, and discovered we'd be welcoming a sweet little girl in about five months :) I can honestly say, neither of us were surprised. In fact, Ryan almost convinced himself that it was a girl for weeks before hand. Even though I thought all along that it was a boy (not sure why, but my "intuition" was clearly way off!!) but when the tech said there were no boy parts to be seen, I wasn't shocked. Probably because EVERYONE except me, thought it was a girl :) But I have to say, shopping for a girl is going to be SO MUCH FUN. Yes, much to Ryan's dismay, our daughter will be wearing pink and big hair bows and everything else least while I have the power to dress her and choose her outfits!

Finding out she was a girl actually proved to be a little difficult! For awhile, we thought we'd walk out of there still not knowing. She's a stubborn little lady!! For the longest time, she refused to open her legs enough to get a peek (good girl! lol) eventually, she moved her legs just enough to show us that she is indeed, a female. Then, the tech was trying to get a good shot of her face to check for cleft lip, and she refused to move her arms away from her face! So stubborn -- she's taking after her mom already ;)

Everything else was measuring on track. I have to go in on Thursday to get a fetal echo-cardiogram done, to check just her heart. Apparently, they could not get a good enough picture of all four chambers, so as a precaution, they are bringing me back in to get another picture. I have chosen not to worry yet, because that will get me no where. I did a little reading, and it seems that its not uncommon for this to happen, especially since at 18 weeks, the heart can still be hard to see. My doctor did not seem concerned, and assured me that this happens in 20-30% of pregnancies. So, in the meantime, positive thoughts and any prayers you might want to throw our way are certainly welcome!

For those who have asked, yes, we DO have a name picked out. However, we've decided to keep that to ourselves until she's born. A few family members know, but, we thought it would be neat to keep SOMETHING a secret. Sorry for those who have to wait!!

Until next time..

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