Tuesday, August 9, 2011

goodbye first trimester..hello second!!

Monday marked a milestone, as far as this pregnancy is concerned -- we are now in the second trimester! This is seriously crazy to me. I am already three months pregnant. Where has the time gone?? Ryan commented today that in six months, we'll have a baby. What?! But, I've heard from several people that the second trimester was their favorite time -- so, I am looking forward to it! The nausea has already gotten better (yessss...oh, and KNOCK ON WOOD!!) which is wonderful!

I had my 14wk appointment yesterday. Much to our disappointment, our doctor STILL couldn't locate the heartbeat using the abdominal doppler. She tried four weeks ago, during my 10wk appointment (after much begging, on my part) and we couldn't hear it. I thought for sure we'd be able to hear it this time. Nope :( She didn't seem concerned though, but decided to pull out this extremely ancient ultrasound machine to check on the baby. The machine was seriously SO OLD -- but, we were able to make out the baby very briefy, saw a little movement (I think it was and most importantly, a heartbeat. I felt better after that! I might just end up being one of those unlucky folks who NEVER gets to hear their kids heartbeat...only gets to see it flickering on the screen. Thank you for that, tilted uterus!

I finally purchased my first pair of maternity pants! Honestly, I'm still able to wear my regular clothes (though, my pants are getting a teeny bit snug) but, I had been eying up these gaucho pants on Old Navy's site. For a week or so, they had pretty much no sizes left in stock, except for extra-small (yea, right!) and one morning, I noticed they had re-stocked their sizes and also, had a 20% off special going for that day, so I jumped on it! I ordered two pairs -- one in black, one in coffee brown. The black pair arrived today and I LOVE them. They are SO comfortable! They are nicer than sweat pants, so I can wear them out in public without feeling TOO much like a bum ;)

Before I go, I leave you with my first belly pic (okay, I took one at 7wks, but it doesn't look like anything, I promise) Most of it is still not baby bump, but oh well!

Oh! Our next appointment is set for September 7th -- this is when we find out if Baby F is a little boy or a little girl :)

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