Monday, August 1, 2011

the secret is out!

I suppose now that the big secret is officially out -- we can share our big news with you! In February, Ryan and I will be welcoming a new addition into our family -- our first baby!

We first found out in the beginning of June (it was confirmed via blood test on my dad's birthday, to be exact!) and while it was a surprise, it was a wonderful surprise, and we're getting more and more excited about it everyday! We told a couple of our closest friends and family, but chose to wait to make the big announcement until we got our first ultrasound at 12 weeks, to make sure everything was absolutely okay.

Our first ultrasound/first trimester screening went AWESOME. It was truly amazing being able to see our little bean right in front of us! It's so crazy that at just 12 weeks along, it already looks like a little human. We saw it's little face, arms and legs -- it was wonderful! Up until that point, we hadn't been able to hear the heartbeat, so to be able to SEE the little heart beating on the screen was so cool :) The heartbeat was coming in at a strong 165 bpm. Then, the little one must have woken up, because it started kicking its legs and punching its little arms around in the air. Ryan was so excited, and couldn't stop staring at the screen (neither could I!) he even asked the tech if she could tell the gender yet, but she said it was way too early to even make a guess -- lol. We should be able to find that out around Labor Day! At first, I was up in the air about wanting to find out, but honestly, I don't think I can wait that long. Plus, I am not a huge fan of the color yellow, and I want to be able to go out and buy little outfits!! I'll be darned if my kid has to be decked out in yellow for the first six months of its life! haha! Speaking of gender, I made a post on a baby board for some ultrasound tech's to try and guess what they think the baby is -- and we got 50/50 answers, so right now, it truly is up in the air!

The other day, I was out shopping and spotted a clearance section of some baby stuff at Target. Normally, I try to steer clear of baby stuff right now because I don't plan on buying anything until we at least have the anatomy scan. However, that bib caught my eye! I have been a blogger for YEARS and that bib is absolutely perfect. lol. Not to mention, it was only 58 cents!! What a deal! Then, Renz spotted those little pants and even though they are yellow (ehhh) when I saw they were only $1.98, I couldn't resist! So, the baby officially has its first few baby items :) I promise, no more purchases for a little while!! That is, unless I run in to some more sweet deals ;)

Pregnancy news wise, I've been feeling a lot better than I have been the past few weeks (thank the Lord!) I never got violently sick, but I definitely felt nauseous a lot, and had some serious food aversions. Seriously, NOTHING sounded good. It was incredibly hard for me to even think of what I might want to be able to stomach, so cooking on my part was very scarce for those couple months! Luckily, my husband was a trooper and ended up eating A LOT of subway sandwiches during that time! lol. Now, things are a lot better in that department (I do get nauseous at times, but mostly when I go too long without having something in my stomach -- gotta work on that!!) and I've been cooking more, and food is starting to sound good again (yay!). The biggest annoyance right now, is headaches, but I can deal with that!

Now that we have such big changes going on in our lives, I promise to update this more often than I do, because there will be many updates in the coming months!!

Until next time...

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  1. Awesome Katie!!!! im so excited for you both! your going to absolutely AMAZING parents!!! such a blessed and lucky child!!!