Wednesday, August 14, 2013

midweek randoms

- Audrey had her 18 month check up today. Luckily, she only had to get one vaccine, and she hardly cried. It's getting harder and harder to take her to the doctor's, because she knows and understands what is going on :( As soon as we enter the exam room and the door closes, she starts to cry. Heartbreaking!! She's still in the upper percentile for height/weight as she has been her whole life, but its starting to slow down a bit. She's not a chunky kid at all, so I think its funny she's in the 80th percentile for weight! She's just a very solid kid. People pick her up and are surprised. lol.

- This is the week for doctor's appointments. We have a follow up visit with the pediatric dermatologist for her hemangioma tomorrow. I contemplated not even going, because really, I already know how its going to go. They are going to look at it, say its looking great and we'll be on our way. We stopped treatment 6 months ago, and its only gotten better.

- Earlier this week, I went and got a pedicure with Katie. I try to get them done once a month or so, but sometimes it ends up being longer than that, when life gets in the way. I get really dry skin, so my heels need more than just a pumice stone! It's definitely best when left to the professionals. Plus, 45 minutes in a massage chair? Yes, please. I normally go for a simple french pedi, but this time I switched it up and got some color. Add an iced latte and we have mommy bliss hour!

- This past weekend, Audrey and I went up to Erie for the night. My dad and I took her to the beach for a bit since she had never really been there. I can tell she's going to be a little beach/water baby -- she loved it! She was having a blast running in and out of the water and around the sand :) I was unprepared and didn't pack a bathing suit, but she didn't care. She was just as happy running around in her diaper.

- Is anyone watching Breaking Amish: LA this season? We started watching it last year when it was a different group and in New York City. This is only the 3rd or 4th episode, but I am hooked! So much drama. I am a sucker for reality TV, what can I say? I am also watching Dexter, of course, and some others. Can't wait for Grey's Anatomy and Teen Mom 3! What shows do you watch or are excited for? I am always looking for new suggestions!

- Wednesdays are typically my days to catch up on laundry and housework since the beginning of the week is always busy. It took every ounce of motivation to get me to fold a basket of clothes today during nap time! I also cleaned the litter boxes, but that was in between cooking dinner. Sanitary, right? :p

- The weather was much cooler today, as in, low 70's. I absolutely love it! The cooler days remind me of fall, and since its my absolute favorite season -- you know I'm smiling! When any sort of inkling of fall appears, I am all over it and have a tendency to do things like light a fall scented candle. But, I love wax warmers so much more than candles, so I usually use those! While I do love Scentsy products, I have no problem using knock-offs. While at Walmart today, I couldn't resist and picked up a couple fall scented wax cubes. My house smells amazing right now!!

- Tonight was spaghetti night for dinner. I love that its so easy, but yet, delicious. Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, and I could probably eat it every day if I could.

- After dinner we took Audrey to the park next door. She is always so full of energy at night constantly, so we let her run off some steam. She had a blast, of course. The girl is relatively easy to please, as long as she has space to run and things to get into!

Hope your midweek's were just as random! ;)

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