Tuesday, August 27, 2013

life is short, get messy!

Last week, we were invited to a different kind of play date -- one filled with finger paints, shaving cream and kool-aid powder!

My friend Heather graciously (and bravely) agreed to host it at her house once previous plans fell through. She certainly is courageous allowing several toddlers the opportunity to run around with paint brushes and paint filled hands! But, the kids had a great time. When we first arrived, Audrey was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but after a few minutes, she was elbows deep in paints and shaving cream! At the end, I had to scrub her off in the baby pool to wash off all that mess!

Heather had several cute activities for the kids, allowing for lots of fun art projects to be made. My favorite was the shaving cream paint art..we haven't seen the finished projects yet because we left them to dry, but even wet they were pretty!

I'll leave you with some photos of our fun day!

1 comment:

  1. I miss our play dates!! :( Looks like the kids had a blast. You guys are definitely brave playing in Kool-Aid. lol How hard was it to get it off them??