Friday, October 12, 2012

7 months old!!

Happy 7 months, sweet girl! You are officially closer to a year old than you are to a baby, which is absolutely nuts! You've brought us so much joy, love and laughter these past 7 months, we cannot believe how quickly the time is passing us by.

You are a hoot, little girl. Every day, you learn something new, and you keep us entertained. This past month, you officially became a "real" crawler. You've been belly crawling for nearly two months now, but a couple weeks ago, you just up and started crawling on all fours one evening -- and you haven't stopped since! It's so fun watching you, but not only that, we HAVE to watch you, every minute! Otherwise, you are in to EVERYTHING. You are such a curious baby, and very determined to get what you want. Because of this intense determination you possess, Daddy and I have no doubt that you will be a walker, well before your first birthday (scary thought!)

In addition to crawling, you've decided that's simply not enough, and you are now pulling up on everything and standing up. This, our sweet girl, really just happened over night. Same thing with sitting up by day, you just started doing it. Your favorite thing to do, of course, is to pull up on things you are not supposed to -- especially the entertainment center, which houses all kinds of electronics with buttons for you to press off and on, on and off (ie; daddy's Xbox!). We've started telling you "NO" to which you typically just turn and look at us, smile, and go right back to what you are doing!

You are still a bird with drinking milk during the day, but you LOVE solids. Anytime we are eating in front of you, you sit and stare at us until we give you a bite. You seem to enjoy almost everything we've given you to try. One night, we went out for italian and you absolutely LOVED spaghetti. Mommy couldn't feed it to you fast enough! You also tried some Mexican food, and really seemed to enjoy that as well. We weren't sure if it was the fun music that was playing, or the tastiness of the food, but every time we gave you a bite, you started swaying to the music! Silly girl. You also really enjoy puffs and yogurt bites. You are just learning your pincher grasp, and its so fun watching you try to pick up your snacks in your little fingers and feed yourself. The food makes it to your mouth about 50% of the time right now, but every day you're getting better and better! Some days, you'd rather us just feed you, so you sit there with your mouth hanging open until we pop a treat in your mouth. LOL.

Your sleeping habits just keep getting better and better. You've pushed your own bedtime back a little later, which is nice, because when 7p hits, you are no longer ms. cranky pants. You stay up until about 8:30 these days, which is perfect. You also sleep about 11-12 hour stretch, which is great!! Of course, you still don't have a perfect nap schedule, but thats okay. One day, we know you'll enjoy naps!

You bring such joy to our lives, everyday..each day, we wake up with a smile on our face, because we know we have you, and we know just seeing you first thing in the morning is a guarenteed smile on our faces! We love you much more than you even know, little one!


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