Sunday, August 19, 2012

happy HALF year, baby girl!!

Audrey Elizabeth, you are officially SIX months old now!! Mommy was a bit of a slacker and never got your 5 month update blogged, so I will combine the two, to make sure we don't miss a beat!

It's incredibly hard to believe that just 6 months ago, you were still kicking away in my belly. Now, you are a mover and a shaker -- for real. You NEVER stop moving these days!! :)

Since my last update, so much has happened with you! You celebrated your first 4th of July. Because it was in the middle of the week, we decided to stay in Pittsburgh and celebrate at home. Daddy got free tickets to the Pirates game for being a military veteran, so we decided to take you to that. The game was in the middle of the day, and it was probably close to 100 degrees, but you did amazing! You made it through to the bottom of the 7th inning, which was awesome! By that point, you were only slightly fussy, so honestly, you probably could have made it all the way to the end, if we tried. We kept you entertained with ice cubes and an ice cold cup :)

You tried solids for the first time -- and you really seemed to enjoy them! Don't let this photo fool you ;) Your favorites are any fruits, of course. You haven't tried a fruit yet that you don't like. You are a little pickier with vegetables, and really don't seem to enjoy the "greens". I keep trying though, in hopes that one day you'll decide they are yummy! You do like sweet potatoes and carrots though, which is a start!

At a little over 5 months old, you started the process of crawling. You would get up on all fours and rock forward, trying to move! At this point, we knew it wouldn't be much longer before you were officially on the move, and it wasn't! Just a few weeks after that, and you were off! You first started off by what can only be described as a water spider crawl, which eventually turned into the worm, and this is what you are still doing today! It's so funny watching you get where you want to go..and you are pretty fast about it! Daddy and I have had to install some baby gates to ensure you are safe, since you can now get wherever you want to go (which is usually to an electronic we've left laying around!).

At your 6 month check up, you weighed in at 18 lbs 6 oz, and were 27" long. It took three tries to get it correct because you are such a wiggle worm! You are still in the 90th percentile for height and weight, so you are growing right on track :) You had to get three shots this month, and an oral vaccine. Again, this was tough for Mommy to witness. I think these shots hurt more than previous times, because you cried longer, and your little legs had bruises at the entry site :/ But, you were still our brave girl, and kept a smile on your face the rest of the day!

You are "talking" more, which is always fun to listen you! Amongst your daily babble, you've definitely said "mama" and "dada"..more than once. We're sure you don't know what those words really MEAN yet, but its fun to pretend you do ;) We're excited for the day you say those words to us, and mean it!

You are doing amazing, in the sleep department. We've got your evening routine down to a science, and you really seem to enjoy it since you know what to expect. The past week, you've been sleeping 11-12 hour stretches at night! You still aren't a big fan of naps, and at this point, I'm not sure you ever WILL be (maybe when you are a teenager?). You will only nap for us in your swing or in the car, and even then, they are short cat naps. But since you've been sleeping so well at night, we really can't complain!

You suffered your first cold a couple weeks ago. First time in 6 months isn't bad! It was a little rough because you had a stuffy nose and couldn't breathe very well, but you trucked right through it. The only time you were really mad (and I mean REALLY MAD) is when we had to give you saline drops and clear out your nose. You would have thought we were torturing you by the way you screamed and flailed around! It took both Mommy AND Daddy to do this process!

Just the past couple days we've started giving you some table foods, letting you try some new things and get used to new textures. You tried some soup broth, bread, & vanilla ice loved them all! It's always fun watching you experiment with new foods, and see your reaction.

Every day with you is a new, and exciting adventure. Its been so much fun watching you grow and learn these past 6 months. We cannot wait to see what the next 6 months brings!!

Love Always,

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