Saturday, January 14, 2012

introducing: the nursery!

I figured the nursery deserved a post in itself. Sure, its nothing special or "designer" by any means, and you probably won't be seeing it on pinterest -- but we're happy with it and I love the colors :)

Back when we found out it was a girl, Ryan requested that the nursery not be all pink, and I was completely okay with that. I mean, I do enjoy pink, but I know it can be overkill. In fact, when I was 7 and we moved into a new house, my parents let us pick our own carpet for our new rooms. Ha! I bet they regret that, because of course, I picked out the gaudiest pink out there. Then, insisted that my closet doors, trim and light covers also be pink. And since my dad is the best, he complied. I just wish I had a photo on me to show you the obnoxiousness!

But anyway, so Ryan and I both agreed on purple and found a nice bedding set we both liked, while registering for our baby shower. It's a nice mix of purple, pink, brown and orange :) One day while I was at work, Ryan decided to surprise me and paint the nursery. This was in November, over his Thanksgiving break from school. I thought for sure that the walls wouldn't get painted until his Christmas break, so I was pleasantly surprised at his initiative -- and he did awesome, it turned out great! It was his idea to do the three alternating colors, with the lightest color strip across the center. Turned out great! We had decided to just do an accent wall so we didn't have to repaint the whole room in the future.

First, we'll show off the crib. That was hand made by my Dad. He does AMAZING work, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Seriously. My parents wanted to get us the crib anyway, and when I found out my Dad wanted to make it, we were all for it! I knew he would make it with safety in mind, so that wasn't even an issue for us. Plus, its a 3-in-1 convertible crib, so, she can use it as a toddler bed and eventually, a full sized bed in the future. Plus, the fact that her Papa made it with his own two hands, makes it pretty special :)

About a month ago, I was perusing Craigslist to see what I could find. Seriously, that place can be a goldmine when it comes to baby items! I stumbled across a couple selling a changing table/glider together for $150. Not a bad deal, AT ALL. We had planned to buy these things anyway, and I had found both of them, in excellent condition, for the price of one. So happy! We went out one Sunday to pick them up, and I also scored a Bumbo seat with a tray for $15 (those normally retail for about $50) so I was very pleased!

I've been having fun organizing and washing everything. She got TONS of blankets, so we are definitely good on those! She also received a lot of 3 month and up clothes, so we went out and bought some things in newborn size, just in case. That's the tough thing about preparing for a baby -- you don't know what size they'll be! But, we have a few things in different until she actually gets here and I can get more of the correct size, we're good for now!

I also got my hospital bag packed, which is exciting! There are still a few more things that need thrown in there, but for the most part, its good to go. Some time next week, we'll probably get the car seat bases installed in the cars. Just a few last minute preps to go before showtime!!

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