Saturday, November 19, 2011

hello, third trimester!

I am now less than three months from my due date -- crazy, right?? It's hard to believe that in two days, I will be at the 29 week mark. Last week marked the start of the third trimester already. It honestly feels like I just found out I was pregnant, and now we are on the home stretch! I know that everyone keeps telling me that this is the trimester that will drag on and on, but we've got some things going on in the next couple months to keep us busy. My baby shower, for one. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and getting the nursery ready. Now that I think about it, three months doesn't seem like ENOUGH time for what we have to do! We have some clothes, I bought the letters for her name hanging on the wall, and well, that's about it. After my baby shower, we will need to be in full baby mode and get prepared!!

On the baby front, everything with her is going well. She's kicking every day, which is still cool to feel. Ryan gets to feel her all the time. He talks to my belly, which is sweet :) One night, he was being silly, talking into my stomach to her in a weird voice and baby didn't like that very much -- she kicked him in the face. LOL. May have been a punch, I can't distinguish body parts quite yet! haha.

I failed my one hour glucose test. Barely, but enough for them to want me to go in and do the three hour test. I got that done the following week, and it was NOT fun! It was a fasting test, so not only did I not get to eat for over 12 hours (pregnant woman torture!!) but I got to get blood drawn every hour, which ended up being four separate blood draws. Needles don't bother me, but my poor arms were starting to look like a drug addicts by the end of the test! Luckily though, I passed that test so all is well with that. Thank GOD. Gestational diabetes is not my idea of a good time, for several reasons.

Next week is Thanksgiving, then after that is my baby shower. I'm looking forward to it! A few short weeks after that is Christmas -- I need to start my shopping! We'll also probably put our tree up sometime after next weekend. Lots of exciting stuff going on around here in the next few months :)

I will leave you with my latest belly shot, taken at 27 weeks.

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