Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a married lady now!! It's very strange. I have a husband. It still feels weird saying it. Yesterday at Bed, Bath and Beyond while getting a receipt adjustment, I had to tell the lady that Ryan had used his card in the transaction. I almost said "fiance" but caught myself in time.

As far as adjusting to married life and learning to live together -- we are doing quite well! Technically, we haven't been alone in the house together for even a week yet due to family and friends being in from out of town, but so far so good! I chose a long time ago, before I even met Ryan, to live by myself until marriage. In my opinion, it just makes marriage seem more special, and something to look forward to. So, we stuck to it, and here we are! Trust me, it was worth looking forward to moving my stuff in to the house we bought together in May, and officially moving in. It still doesn't seem like "our" house yet. I know that in time, it will. Especially now that I am here and adding my personal touches to the decor :) Luckily, my husband really has no qualms about what I choose to hang up!

These days, I'd much rather prefer hitting up stores like Marshalls or Ikea, searching for fun decorations for our house, rather than going shopping for clothes. Is that sad? I guess its just what happens when you get older! Renz and I had a little GNO last night, and before dinner, we stopped at BB&B. We were laughing at how instead of buying clothes, we were getting excited over buying things for our houses!

I had a 3-day weekend from work, and it was fabulous. Friday was spent getting a new license at the DMV. I'm a little frustrated that I had to get a new photo. My old license picture was so nice, and now my new one sucks :/ I'm stuck with it until 2015. sigh. I tried getting my SS card changed too, but the SS office I tried going to was a condemned building. wtf. Oh well. I'll just save time and mail it. I'm not in a huge hurry to have it back, it just needs to get done.

I spent all of the doing absolutely nothing, and it was fabulous. I did venture out for about a half an hour to bring lunch to Ryan at work, but other than that it was sweats and the couch. I spent a good chunk of time editing senior photos I took for Katie's younger sister. I think they turned out pretty nice!

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