Sunday, July 4, 2010

courtesy of the red, white and blue :)

It's very hard to believe that its July already. This summer is truly speeding by, which is not really a good thing considering I have a wedding to finish planning. I mean, I have the big things done, but its the little touches that will drive me crazy!

Elisa and I went out shopping today. She was in search of a dress to wear to a wedding, and I wanted to scope out bridal shower invites. My mom has been looking in Erie, but anytime she found one she liked, there weren't enough packs in stock. So, I took it upon myself to utilize some more resources and check out Pittsburgh's supply. I ended up finding invites I liked, so I grabbed enough packs for 70 invites (yes, we know a lot of people!). Next weekend, my mom and I plan to get them addressed and sent in the mail, seeing as my shower is a little over a month away.

Ryan and I decided to go to a Pirates game tonight. It ended up being fireworks night too, which was a pleasant bonus :) The game itself was fun, albeit the Pirates lost by like 10 runs -- not that it was a big surprise! But the fireworks display was fantastic! Zambelli always does a wonderful job at it. Ryan was super impressed with it. lol.

I tried to get some good shots, but fireworks are next to impossible to capture in true form, and I didn't have my d-SLR camera with me. Hopefully we'll catch another display tomorrow night and I can try to get some good pictures!

When I got home this evening, I began organizing my closet. The other day I picked up a 30-gallon tub from Walmart to start packing up some of my clothes to take to the house. I decided to pack up all of my sweaters and heavier clothing since I won't be needing them until after October (although in Northern PA, who knows!), when I officially move into our home. My closet has much more space now, which is nice! I actually have a bunch of extra hangers too, which is also a plus. Normally, I'm scrambling to find hangers after I do laundry! Either way, I'm excited to start organizing our walk-in closet. Ryan is already living in the house and has started to take over the closet, so I need step in and regulate ;p

Before I go, here's a quick snap of my big boy, Jack. He says, Happy 4th of July, ya'll!!

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