Wednesday, June 2, 2010

HGTV -- for real!

So, we ended up closing on our house about a week ago, and since then, its been work work work on the house! That was our plan, though. The house itself is in pretty good condition -- it just needs some cosmetic updates. I personally do not like all white walls, so the first order of business was picking out paint colors for a few of the rooms we decided to paint. Lucky for me, I'm marrying a colorblind man, so he put his trust in my judgement and let me make the final decision :) I think I did okay!

We decided to go with a deep red for the dining room. When we initially started painting, we still had the (ugly) plum carpet down, so I was very apprehensive about the color. However, once we finished the walls and ripped up the carpet, I fell in love. I think it goes very well with the hardwood floors and the white trim. Exciting! Next, we painted the upstairs family room/ryan's "man cave", and went with a darker blue. I love it as well, and it will be paired with a darker beige carpet.

Speaking of carpet, we ordered ours, and it should be in within the next couple weeks. I'm excited! Its going to look like a whole new house in certain areas. Who would have ever thought that home improvement could be so fun??

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