Friday, February 19, 2010

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Mine was pretty nice! Ryan worked his usual overnight on saturday, and when he got off work, he showed up at my apartment and woke me up with my gift -- an edible arrangement bouquet of fruits and chocolate covered fruits, a balloon and a little teddy bear :) it was really sweet and a neat little change from flowers. He gets me flowers on a regular basis as is, so this was something different. He was very proud of it. lol.

We had to have an early day since he had to work that night, so we got a move on our day starting with a matinee of Valentine's Day. Even at 11:30a, the theatre was packed! Luckily, I thought to order our tickets online so we could bypass the huge ticket line and grab them from the machine, but even then, we still had to sit closer to the front! But the movie was pretty cute! I enjoyed it, anyway. Ryan didn't care much for it ( WAS a pretty big chick flick haha), but he went for me. After the movie, we went to Johnny Carino's for lunch. Yummy! I could eat their bread all day long. Their food isn't amazing or anything, but the bread? Ahh!

I got some more wedding planning done! I booked our DJ and I'm actually pretty excited about it. His price is very reasonable, and as part of the package, he offers a new multimedia feature for 2010 weddings. Basically, he'll take any photos we give him, and turn it into a video slideshow to play during the reception. I planned to do this anyway, but all I have to do now is supply the photos and they put it together. I'm already planning out extra little slideshows for the father/daughter dance and mother/son dance (that's if I can get enough pictures of Ryan and his mom through the years). Plus, the DJ also has this cool thing where he'll play music videos along to the songs during the dancing portion of the night. I think that will be a cool touch! I also have an appointment with a cake lady next weekend when I go home. I don't know much about her, or what she offers, but my aunt recommended her and said her cakes are delicious and she too is decently priced. I spoke with her on the phone to make the appointment and she was very friendly.

This sunday, all of my bridesmaids and I (except Ryan's sister who is in Kansas) are going to meet up and look at bridesmaid dresses. That should be fun! I already decided on the color, now we just need to find a dress that everyone looks good in, and feels comfortable in. I don't like the idea of everyone wearing different dresses, so I want to make sure all my girls feel comfortable in whatever they decide on. Hopefully we find the dress this weekend and can knock another thing off the wedding "to do" list.

Other than that, I feel like I have a decent grasp on my planning. I'm avoiding looking for a florist for the time being because flowers are so dang expensive, and it pains me to fathom spending all that money on something that's going to die in a few days anyway. Sigh.

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