Wednesday, December 18, 2013

3 + 1 = 4 :)

I suppose its time for another update around here, considering we have some exciting news to share...

Yep, Audrey will be a big sister on or around June 20th 2014! We are super excited and thrilled to be adding to our family. Nervous, of course, because the prospect of TWO kids is just a little nerve wracking...but in a good way. Audrey will be 28 months old when her brother or sister is born, so I think its a good age difference.

I found out we were expecting on October 13th. I decided to keep it a secret from Ryan right away, because I wanted to surprise him in a cuter way than just telling him, like last time. Somehow, I was able to keep my mouth shut for 2 days while I waited for Audrey's big sister shirt to be made! I shared the news with him by having Audrey run out with her shirt on..and he was definitely surprised! I mean, he knew it would likely happen soon, but was not expecting fact, his initial response was "Are you serious?"..HA!

This time, we are doing a few things differently. We are going to be surprised on the gender until birth, which I am super excited about!! Also, I am going to try to have a VBAC this time if at all possible. Recovering from a C-section is rough. Recovering from a C-section WITH a toddler (plus a newborn) this time, is not my idea of a good time. So, here is to hoping! My OB's are on board with me (I specifically found a VBAC friendly practice this time around). A few things will prevent me from having a natural birth, such as if I had to be induced for any reason, but if that ends up being the case, I am okay with it. And finally, I am hoping to make nursing work, full time this time around. I had to supplement with Audrey, almost from the get go, so I am really hoping my body cooperates with me this time around!! To not have to buy formula ($$!) would be fantastic :)

As far as pregnancy goes, I feel like this time around hasn't been nearly as bad. I definitely had my moments of nausea, but it was bearable. I had no food aversions, which was great. I feel like my appetite was increased! I definitely experienced fatigue for the first several weeks, and found it hard to keep my eyes open in the early afternoons. I avoided naps if I could though, because when I woke up I would feel worse than before! I've had some heartburn too, which is fairly new to me, because I didn't get that until much later last time.

On December 7th we had our first ultrasound and first peek of the baby. So far, everything looks great and we have a healthy, strong heartbeat of 170 bpm :) Also, the baby is measuring right on track! After our ultrasound, we made the "big announcement" to the rest of the world.

I thought for this pregnancy, I would use this fun little survey every few weeks or so :)

How far along: 13w5d (2nd trimester, we're coming to get you!!)

Gender: team green! we could find out at our anatomy scan January 25th, but we're going to hold strong.

Weight gain: I somehow LOST 5 lbs..I'm not complaining.

Maternity clothes: not shirts, but I will wear maternity pants sometimes. I usually wear yoga pants around the house anyway.

Stretch marks: not new ones, lol.

Belly button in or out: innie. it never popped last time..I hope it stays that way!

Sleep: sleeping fine, but still getting up a few times to pee.

Miss anything: diet coke :( it makes me sick.

Movement: I've felt little flops off and on.

Cravings: nothing major yet.

Queasy: still happens off and on, but its getting better.

Looking forward to: Christmas :)

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