Monday, February 25, 2013

ONE year old!!

Our Dearest Audrey Elizabeth,

You are officially 1 year old now, baby girl! Mommy does not want to get all cliche on you, but she and daddy truly cannot believe how fast this past year has gone by. You have filled our hearts with pure joy and made them burst with love for you. Every day, you learn something new and these past 365 days have been nothing short of amazing and a true blessing, being able to watch you grow and shape into the person you will become.

Your little mind is a sponge and you love to soak up everything. You've been picking up on a lot of things lately, and it makes us laugh. It also reminds us that we need to watch what we say around you! One of the cutest things you've done lately is pretend to talk on the phone. Typically, you'll grab one of our cellphones, but anything usually works for you! You'll hold it up to your ear, cock your head and smile, while babbling! You've also learned to shake your head yes and no..we think its funny now, of course, but one day I imagine we won't find it so "cute" ;) You love to walk around WHILE shaking your head no. You are too much sometimes!!

Now that you are walking, you are all over the place! You do not like to sit still for very long as you are quite the little busy body! Mommy has found one way to keep you still for awhile -- she'll pull you up to sit on the couch and you LOVE it, of course. You get the biggest smile on your face, and you are certainly proud to be sitting up there like a big girl. You are also quite the climber, always trying to climb on things you aren't supposed to, and get into things you know you shouldn't be in.

You are so very curious and yes, very nosey! You like to know whats going on at all times. If Mommy walks away for a second and you hear the bathroom door open, you coming running down the hall to see what she's doing! If we are out shopping or out to eat, you will sit and stare at everyone. Many times, you will wave to strangers and smile, maybe even yell a little to get their attention!

You have a large corner of our living room filled with all sorts of fun, new toys but of course, you prefer anything else, usually something you are not supposed to have! You really love any kind of toy with a little ball that you can carry around. You really seem to enjoy your dolls too, and like to carry them around. You also like any toys that make noise, or things you can take in and pull out, such as a shape sorter. You are such a smart cookie, you always figure out how things work!

You are such a loving and sweet little girl. You can be running around the room playing, and the next minute you are running into our arms for a quick cuddle. Those are Mommy's favorite times, because she knows they are not forever. You will not always be this little, so we are soaking up every moment with you, sweet angel. You also give kisses, which is nothing short of precious. Some days, you are a little stingier with your kisses, which makes us laugh. Other days, you are giving them out like candy! Those are the best days :)

At your 12-month check up you weighed 23 lbs 1 oz and were 29.5". Right on track and growing beautifully, baby! You are still in 12m clothing, but can wear some 18m (with plenty of room to grow). You can still wear a size 3 diaper, but we have transitioned to you size 4's. You got your very first pair of "real" shoes when you became an official walker, and at 1 year your shoe size is 4 wide (that wide part? you inherited that from your old man, so you can thank him!)

Your sleeping patterns have been the same for several months now, which is amazing. You still sleep anywhere from 10-12 hours at night and since January, you've been taking 2 hour naps -- IN YOUR CRIB!! You probably would have done this even sooner had Mommy tried..but she didn't, so thats her fault not yours ;) At night, you even "ask" to go to bed. We can tell you are ready when you start coming to us and laying or leaning against us. We take that as your cue that you are tired. We lay you down in your crib, and off you go! You make our lives so easy, sweet pea! Just a few days ago you decided you don't want any milk before bed either, and you'll go to sleep without having to be rocked. Its sad for Mommy, because she knows you are not a baby anymore, and every day bring you closer to being a little girl :(

You are a funny eater. Some days, you have a great appetite and others, you eat like a bird. You LOVE fruit, and have not tried a fruit yet that you do not like! Your favorites are definitely mandarin oranges, pears and most recently, grapes! You also love yogurt and sometimes, can't get enough. You are learning how to eat with a spoon and you are doing pretty well with it! Most of the food ends up in your mouth ;) Some days you decide to be picky with your food. You have to taste everything first. If you decide you don't like it, you spit it right back out, silly girl. You also really enjoy snacks like graham crackers, cheese puffs and cheerios. You know what "eat" means and when we ask you if you want to eat, you walk over with your arms stretched up so we can bring you downstairs. Other times if your empty cup is nearby, you'll hand it to us when you are hungry. Its so cute!

This past year has been nothing but wonderful. You fill our lives with so much of everything that is good! We have loved every single minute we've been blessed with you, and look forward to continue watching you grow and learn and become the person you are mean't to be. Mommy and Daddy love you SO MUCH more than you'll ever know, our sweet little princess.

Happy 1st Birthday, Audrey Elizabeth!!

Love Always,


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