Friday, June 15, 2012

4 month update!

Audrey, you are now four months old. It's so hard to believe how quickly time is passing us by! Even looking back just a couple months ago from your one month photo, its crazy to see how much you've already grown and changed! Your little personality is certainly starting to shine through, and we love it :)

Shortly after you turned 3 months, I tried taking some posed photos of you outside. It was pretty hot that day, and you weren't really having it! I did get some cute shots though, even the one above where you screamed after I layed you down in the grass ;) The sun was shining in your eyes and you were warm -- you were NOT happy. But as soon as I brought you back inside with the air conditioning, you were back to your happy self. You're just like your daddy, you run warm!

You had your 4-month well baby check up and you are growing like a weed! You are officially 15 lbs 13 oz and 25 3/4" long! You are in the 90th percentile for both. Such a healthy girl! You are also meeting and exceeding all of the milestones expected of you at this age. Such a smartie :) You had to get your second round of shots this month too, but you did much better this time around. You only cried for a brief moment, then you were fine. I think it hurt Mommy more to watch it being done to you!

This past month, your biggest milestone was learning to roll! Most babies start by rolling from belly to back, but you our crazy girl, did the opposite, rolling back to belly. This means you are strong! However, you haven't quite mastered rolling the other way, so you get frustrated when you end up on your belly for too long! You've rolled from your belly to back a couple of times, but we are confident that in time, you'll have it down and be rolling all over the place! You also started laughing out loud (daddy got the first real laugh!) and squealing. It is the cutest thing and the best sound we've ever heard.

Your sleeping patterns are the same. You still insist on going to bed around 7:30 each night, and usually sleep a decent stretch before waking up the first time. You still hate naps, which is a little frustrating at times, but we think you are just too curious and are afraid you'll miss out on something if you fall asleep! You recently decided you'd rather sleep on your belly at night, and its too cute when you fall asleep with your little bum in the air! On more than one occasion though, you've rolled to the side of your crib and gotten your limbs stuck in the bars and can't figure out how to get yourself out. This means Mom & Dad need to invest in some breathable bumpers, and soon!

This month, you took your very first long car ride on a trip to Topeka, Kansas to meet your Grandpa Fair and Aunt Abby for the first time. Daddy and I decided to leave at your bed time and drive through the night so you'd sleep most of the way. You did AMAZING on each of the 15-hour drives, and your Dad and I could not be more proud of you. You slept most of the way, and barely fussed when you were awake. This made us so very happy!! You really enjoyed your time in Kansas, and your Grandpa and Aunt adored you. I think you loved getting all of the attention :) While in Kansas, you also stayed in your first hotel and swam for the very first time. You LOVED the pool. You had to swim in your onesie though since Mommy forgot to pack a suit for you (oops!). You also slept well for being "out of your routine"..and you did great with everything!

Every day is a new adventure with you, little one. It's an adventure that Mommy and Daddy feel very blessed to be a part of. Happy 4 months, baby girl. Thanks for all of the love, joy and smiles you bring to our lives each and every day!!

Love always,


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