Monday, April 2, 2012

a little update!

So I've been a mommy now for seven weeks now, and its been wonderful. A little challenging at times, but its all a learning process. I've been spoiled thus far with all the help I've had since coming home from the hospital. The first week, my mom was here and was a huge help, especially since that was the worst week for me, recovery wise. It was nice having here there, and I know she enjoyed getting a week of Audrey time! The following week, Ryan's grandma flew in from Colorado to help out, and meet her first great grandchild. It was nice having her there during the days when Ryan was gone at school and I would have been home alone. She also cooked for us, which I know Ryan was happy to have her cooking! lol. And the week after that, Ryan was on spring break, so he was around all day and it was nice having an extra hand!

Audrey has been a wonderful baby! She has her fussy moments, but for the most part, she really is a good baby. She really only cries when she needs something, which is usually food, lol. The girl can eat and loves to eat!! She is a decent sleeper too, and luckily, never had her days/nights mixed up. She's not a great napper during the day -- usually gets one good nap in during the afternoon (usually only if we're out and she happens to fall asleep in the carseat), then really wants to pass out in the evening. I end up getting a few hours of sleep in before she wakes up to eat, then we sleep again for a couple hours, then if I'm lucky, I can get her to sleep a little longer. I can't say I'm getting a ton of sleep these days, but I am already accustomed to running on minimal amounts of sleep thanks to my years at the TV station!! But, it could always be worse -- I could have a baby that has her days and nights mixed up ;)

She had her one month check up (nearly a month ago now!) and everything went well. She is finally back up to her birth weight, which is a relief. She had lost a pound by the time we left the hospital, and we struggled a little getting her back up to her birth weight, but we are FINALLY there (and by the looks of her chubby little cheeks, she's been growing steadily ever since!) She also grew half an inch and is in the 50th percentile for both. She can still rock SOME of her newborn clothes, but probably not for much longer! Width wise, they fit perfectly, but they are being stretched a little at the snaps, so you can tell the length is a little small. Most of her newborn sleepers don't fit anymore, so we've had to move up to the 0-3 month size (tear!). I almost want to cut the little feet off, so she can wear them a little longer! lol.

Audrey made her first trip up to Erie during Ryan's spring break. Initially, we were going to go to Colorado to visit her great grandparents and great great grandma, but those plans fell through. Hopefully we will make it there this summer! She does great in the car, and usually falls asleep right away. She's also been on a couple other small trips, including another trip up to Erie, and to Grove City one afternoon for a little shopping with Grandma and Papa. As long as the girl is fed, dry and not overly tired, she's a happy camper (albeit she DOES love to be held/cuddled and starts to get lonely if she's left "by herself" for too long)

The weather here has been amazing, for the most part. We've been trying to enjoy it as much as possible, for who know when we'll have another March with temperatures in the 80s! I wish we didn't live in a neighborhood full of hills, as I'd love to start taking her on daily walks. However, the hills are ridiculous and there is literally no flat streets anywhere within walking distance. It's a shame too, cause she loves her stroller. We did go on a nice walk down at the Waterfront with Renz one day, and Audrey slept the whole time. We're gonna start making a weekly tradition of that!

Her first Easter is coming up, and she already has her dress ready :) She met the Easter bunny a few weeks ago with her cousin Joey (she was none too impressed, haha) so she's all ready for her first "real" holiday! She will be getting a little basket, of course (with maybe a little candy for Mama ;) which I think is more exciting for me, than anything. Holidays will never be the same again!!

As for me, I'm recovering nicely from my c-section. My incision scar still hurts, on occasion, but only if my clothing happens to rub it, or if I do wayyy too much (like walking a lot). As far as the baby weight, it's been gone since the first few days. haha. I lost it all, and then a little extra. Still not where I want to be, but I'll get there! I'm hungry all. the. time. Quite a difference from where I was during pregnancy. lol. I'd get halfway through my meal, and be stuffed. Now, I finish eating and I feel like I'm hungry again shortly after. ugh!

That's it for now! I promise to write more, and more frequently. I need to be able to blog things as they happen, not weeks later ;) Until next time..(and hopefully sooner, rather than

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