Sunday, April 17, 2011

coupon mania!

I have never been one to cut coupons. For deals, I've pretty much always just relied on the in-store specials with your store card or for retail stuff, the sales racks (even then, I'm not the best bargain shopper). However, lately I've been thinking that maybe I SHOULD look into coupon cutting. I mean, with a crappy economy -- why not try and save a few bucks off a grocery bill? Plus, with coupon saving blogs and now, even a coupon saving show on TLC, its hard not to be curious!

In the past, I've always just tossed the coupons and store inserts we constantly get in the mail. I found them bothersome as they just sit on my dining room table and start piling up until they get thrown out in one foul swoop. But, the past few weeks I've been glancing through them, and putting some aside that I thought we might use. About 60% of the coupons we get are useless to us anyway, but some caught my interest!

So, I decided to join the coupon saving game! Okay, so I haven't actually done it yet, but today, I starting cutting some out for our next shopping trip! I'm actually kind of excited about it. I was surprised at how many different coupons were out there, and coupons for stuff we actually use.

I do not, however, plan to be a crazy coupon cutter that gets $1,000 worth of stuff for $70. Thats awesome, but really, a little insane. Who needs 30 bottles of Maloxx or 10 packs of lunch meat?

At any rate, as soon as I get my coupon saving game face on, I will surely report back about how it goes/how much money is saved!

Stay tuned.. :)

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