Monday, December 27, 2010

happy holidays!

Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. was wonderful :) Unfortunately, Ryan had to work on Christmas day, so my family rearranged our schedule a little bit and did our morning tradition on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. It worked out though, and Ryan and I were still able to spend some of the holiday together.

We spent Christmas Eve going to church, and then to my Aunt Lori's house for our get together with my dad's side of the family. Always a good time! We were there until almost midnight sharing laughs and playing games. I was sad to see the night end!

Christmas day was very relaxed, and it was fabulous. My family and I spent the majority of the day just lazying around. We enjoyed a yummy ham dinner cooked by my mom before heading over to my Uncle Scott's house for my mom's side of the family. As always, there was plenty of (loud) cheer, laughter and wrapping paper throwing! Never a dull moment at a Law family gathering!

It was wonderful being able to just spend time with the people I love the most <3. My parents, who just two months ago helped us out tremendously with our wedding, still went above and beyond this year for us for Christmas. Some of Ryan's family did the same for us when we went to visit for Thanksgiving. We are beyond blessed and so very thankful for all of the wonderful people in our life!

I did not take ANY pictures this Christmas, which is very unlike me. I'm so sad! I wish I had at least one photo to share -- and I don't :( I will be very sure to snap as many as I can on New Year's Eve!

I started back at work today. Even though I was only off for four days, it was extremely tough getting up and out of bed this morning! It was even harder driving to work on the empty roads, knowing that more than half of the city was at home, snug in their beds enjoying a day off. Oh well, at least this week is a shorter week!

Until next time :)

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