Thursday, November 11, 2010

adventures in newlyweds pt. 1

We've been co-habiting for a little over a month now. And for the most part, its been great. Of course there are the minor annoyances, both parties guilty. He, for instance, loves to leave water glasses all over the place and crumbs on the counter. He's also the king of clutter. Me? Well, between my hair and the cat hair, we probably have enough to knit several winter scarves! I guess I never realized how much I actually shed until I had someone telling me every. single. day.

Our first big marital "adventure", if you will, happened just a couple of weeks ago. One saturday while Ryan was at work, I decided to clean out the fridge, and get rid of all of the rotting produce and old leftovers. One of the leftovers contained a (rather) larger container of pulled pork. I started breaking it into chunks and feeding it into the garbage disposal. To be honest, I never knew that pork was not something to be put into the disposal -- let alone about 3 lbs of it! Later when Ryan returned home from work, he tried everything to fix it from taking the pipes apart to buying a snake auger and drain-o. Nothing worked. So, we had to call in a professional and $120 was a lesson learned. Oops!

Our next adventure just happened earlier this week. Back in October amongst the wedding stress and excitement, my darling husband forgot to pay the water bill. We discovered this, but at the beginning of November. As soon as we did, I set the bill up to be paid. However, the water company did not decide to cash the check in time, and low and behold, they decided to shut our water off. Fantastic. Ryan took care of it right away, but we still had to wait a night without water! We made the best of it though, going to Walmart and stocking up on a bunch of gallons of spring water. Let me tell you, showering with a bottle of chilly water is no bueno (I didn't feel like heating it up..I'm lazy) The next day, our water returned and things were once again kosher.

Like my dad said, its just some stories to add to the books to tell our kids someday!

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